Rain Rain Go Away

PART V of an essay series by Sabin Gratz Photography

A wet knot is harder to un-tie, or so they say. Maybe people just tell that to couples who get rain on their wedding day to make them feel better, but still, is it not true? As photographers, we are certainly no strangers to rain. Over two decades shooting in New England we have been faced with wet weather on more than one occasion. In fact, our own wedding featured one of the heaviest rain storms of the year. Unfortunately, weather is one factor that is out of our control, so, when it rains, we are forced to work with it. But don’t worry, there are some good things about it too.

There are actually a few advantages to inclement weather which can be helpful to keep in mind if it is pouring outside your bridal suite. Rain can add amazing texture and context to photography. Some of our favorite photos have actually been shot in the rain. Additionally, the light on a cloudy day can be great for photographers to work with. It is soft without harsh shadows, and it’s easier to get angles that wouldn’t be ideal in direct sunlight. Clouds can also be much more comfortable during a ceremony, especially in the middle of a New England summer when the temps can reach a very uncomfortable level for everyone during a ceremony.

The key to dealing with rain on your wedding day is to try your best not to let it ruin it. It isn’t what you’re hoping for, but it is something you’ll want to keep in mind while planning, and try to be ok with if it does happen. Planning for a perfectly beautiful day and leaving no room for the weather is a very good way to set yourself up for an unhappy situation. The best advice we can give with rain is to accept it and remember that the most important part of your day is that you are about to be joined with the person you love the most. Rain can’t affect that.

We always hope for great weather for our couples but just like anything in life, you sometimes have to deal with the cards you are dealt. We believe that those who can weather the storm with grace and reasonable expectations will have a much happier day in the end. Here are a few of our favorite rainy day images:



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