Dressing Tips for Comfort

PART II of an essay series by Sabin Gratz Photography

An early question we often ask our couples is, “What kind of attire are you planning for your wedding day?” You might assume we are asking for aesthetic reasons, but our motives have much more to do with comfort.

In our experience, couples are not always the best at coordinating their wedding day outfits with the temperatures and conditions of the season they’re getting married in. This happens a lot with couples getting married outside in Vermont in midsummer. For some reason there seems to be an assumption out there that Vermont doesn’t get hot in the summer. For sure our reputation for brutally cold winters comes without question, but we are here to tell you that our summers, especially late June, all of July and most of August can be VERY HOT AND HUMID. We have shot many steamy days here in midsummer and have been witness to some near literal meltdowns with couples over-dressed for the conditions.

Here’s the advice we give our couples if we are lucky enough to catch them before they have purchased their wedding duds:

Brides, if you are getting married in the peak summer months in Vermont, consider a lightweight dress. We know that the bridal dress shops want to put you in the most elaborately adorned, fluffy dress they have. For sure those dresses are beautiful, but when you’re sweating through it on a hot summer day, you might regret the decision. Think about going light and adding an accessory in case the temps aren’t as hot.

This also goes for grooms. One of the most torturous images we have to capture is the groom and his guys standing with the sun beating down on them on a midsummer’s day in full black tuxes. Not fun for anyone. If you are planning an outside ceremony, in Vermont, in the peak of summer, please think twice about those black suits with vests. The images of men wiping themselves down with towels as they stand lined-up at the altar will most likely not be one you’ll want as a part of your wedding album, and it’s a memory the groomsmen will thank you for not giving them.

Dressing for comfort also holds true on the flip side. Here in Vermont we host a lot of winter weddings. If you are planning a winter wedding and are considering any photography outside (which can be beautiful), please make sure to dress for it. That means a nice jacket or shawl for the bride. Also consider some fun snow boots, as high heels in a snowy field look (and feel) pretty silly. Guys, get yourself a mid- to heavyweight suit and have a nice coat or jacket on hand. If you want to do bridal party photos outside, make sure everyone knows and has appropriate, warm attire for the photos.

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